Everyone has a role to play in this world. The same applies to a company. As per a company’s size and infrastructure, its foundation and venture are laid upon. But the aim remains the same, to grow further and be better with time.

In the corporate culture of our Indian economy, business indeed works with strategies, but along with planning, you always need someone to lean on, to fall back upon, to reply upon, to risk everything on.

An assessee is the one who bears the tax because he enjoys the services but is responsible at the same time.

But there is a special category of persons who bear all without privilege benefits. Let’s see if you can catch who is it…

When a company does progress or succeeds, it’s called TEAM EFFORT, it’s the employees and stakeholders who are given the credit in front of the outside world; but when it’s time to face the consequences, everyone blames it upon just the one, who is trying to hold on with everyone. Which is not just an orthodox practice but a mindset upon which the economy is built upon.

There’s something called being underrated, which means not being valued for the efforts you put across.

Just like in a business world, a person is responsible for managing the budget, implementing actions as per its criteria, and run the whole company following its policies, a mother is to a family. She has the art of managing everything with the limited resources available. It doesn’t matter if your business is a large scale, medium, or small, all you need to make it work is the right command, power, virtues, vision, and intention.

Let’s talk about the patriarchy here…

Just how a small company needs correct guidance, support, experience, asset management tactics to grow, in the correct path So, are her life lessons and experiences, which act as a motivational and self-guidance book.