Everyone has a role to play in this world. The same applies to a company. As per a company’s size and infrastructure, its foundation and venture are laid upon. But the aim remains the same, to grow further and be better with time.

In the corporate culture of our Indian economy, business indeed works with strategies, but along with planning, you always need someone to lean on, to fall back upon, to reply upon, to risk everything on.

An assessee is the one who bears the tax because he enjoys the services but is responsible at the same time.

But there is a special category of persons who bear all without privilege benefits. Let’s see if you can catch who is it…

When a company does progress or succeeds, it’s called TEAM EFFORT, it’s the employees and stakeholders who are given the credit in front of the outside world; but when it’s time to face the consequences, everyone blames it upon just the one, who is trying to hold on with everyone. Which is not just an orthodox practice but a mindset upon which the economy is built upon.

There’s something called being underrated, which means not being valued for the efforts you put across.

Just like in a business world, a person is responsible for managing the budget, implementing actions as per its criteria, and run the whole company following its policies, a mother is to a family. She has the art of managing everything with the limited resources available. It doesn’t matter if your business is a large scale, medium, or small, all you need to make it work is the right command, power, virtues, vision, and intention.

Let’s talk about the patriarchy here…

Just how a small company needs correct guidance, support, experience, asset management tactics to grow, in the correct path So, are her life lessons and experiences, which act as a motivational and self-guidance book.

With no false intentions, she allows you to develop ideas, choose your path, implement it, and at the same time make sure you stick to the ideologies and common practice with focus and dedication.

A mother plays the role of being a leader and makes others believe they are the boss. It’s easy to be a boss, but not the one who makes the corporate culture works.

In any company, small, medium, big it’s the relationship management that forms the basis of trading and exchange relationship inside and outside the outer business world. With its ethics, morals, policies, and rules, it is easy for a company to flourish in a healthy mental and social environment.

Creditors indeed take the risk of investing and stakeholders stake their assets, but to manage that asset rightly and in the best possible way, in the limited resources with the condition of satisfying everyone is an art, which only a mother possesses, for she’s the accountable one.

A mother being not valued, is the one who works day and night to see you grow, who gives their time to you, but at the end who is given the credit is, stakeholders (father) for bearing the finance, employees, investors for their guidance and efforts, competitors (neighbors) for inculcating the competitive spirit yet knows the art of forming trustworthy relations.

How exactly does this world values the ones who are underrated?

How exactly do you thank the person who takes care of your needs, your health, calms you down when you fail, makes you feel important, valuable, talented and capable? The one who punishes you when you are wrong, and make you realize your mistakes and builds your moral personality?

Just like a car needs a Stepney which can play any role in need, each company rather place needs that one person, who can do it all in times of need.

If everything in this world demands a price, why does one ever sacrifice?

Even if you call all these just her responsibility, Who drafted the performance evaluation matrix and RnR process for meeting all her responsibility and there is nothing in return to her? It’s all about her sacrifice, selfless love and efforts.

A mother is the most underrated CEO, who like a tree forms the beginning of all relations but is still not valued.

Just like a CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of a company manages all the affairs of the company and provides a guarantee to all, be it stakeholders, directors, employees or workers, a mother is the one who forms the backbone of a family and trusts them all.

What we all need, is to value the person who forms the foundation of your success, and only then we can hope to change the corporate culture.

Every Mother is an underrated CEO who executes cross-functional operations and maintains the whole micro-economy of the household like an SMB.

But How we will create an RnR program and valid Pay for them.

Let's Pledge on this Mothers Day to at least respect and treat them as CEO not just as regular HouseWife, A change in Perception can bring a change in the whole society.

Wishing All the Mothers the Best and Congratulations

for successfully running a complex micro economy without any support from CXOs, Meeting expectations of Stake Holders (whoever Invest Father/Herself), Managing the whole Budget and Inventory single-handedly, drafting future projections and execution strategies, using all the resources at optimum level and continues managing client and vendor relationship.

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