Part-time hours - Save up to earn your financial freedom

Financial freedom can be important for a lot of reasons. It gives you self-sufficiency and helps you stand on your own two feet without you having to depend on anybody else. The feeling of self-reliance can, in turn, make you feel confident, empowered, and happy in the knowledge that you are your own master and a doer and achiever out and out.

For those of you, who want to be self-reliant yet are unable to commit to full-time hours, here are some part-time work from jobs to get you acting on your decision to become self-reliant.

While the words stay at home are self-explanatory, if you’re wondering what a part-time job is, let’s say that any job that requires you to work less than 40 hours a week is usually considered to be part-time. And if you can do that from home that’s even better. The time you save commuting to the office can be invested more productively in doing better in your job or learning a new course or pursuing a new hobby, whichever means the most to you.

Following part-time work from home jobs are the ones that have the maximum earning potential. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your particular skills and capabilities.

Customer Service Representative: As the name suggests, you may be required to devote 4 hours of your time every day to cater to customers’ requests, handle orders and resolve conflicts. The job role demands good verbal and written communication skills so it might be a good idea to enroll for a business communication course just to give yourself that extra edge.

Transcriptionist: As a transcriptionist, your job will be to make sense of and transcribe various audio files in adherence to given formats. This position does not require a university degree or higher education but good listening skills will be expected for greater accuracy while providing written versions of audio files. Many offices worldwide require transcriptionists especially Doctors’ offices and the pay is decent. Moreover, this job allows you to set and work according to your own schedules.

Virtual Call Centre Agent: Consider yourself to be a call center employee but from the comfort of your home. You’ll be expected to make and answer calls, provide customer service, and after-sales support. While many companies will provide on-the-job training, it will help if you have a certificate in marketing or business communication.

Social Media Manager: This is one career path that can take you places; especially, if you’re armed with a certificate in digital marketing. As someone expected to promote an organization online, your job will be to create, schedule, and post online content, interact and manage online communities, run advertising campaigns on mediums like Facebook, and plan and supervise online promotions. There are added perks. This job pays well. Further, you are allowed the scope of working from home or from a cottage nestled deep within a verdant Himalayan valley, or if you would like to hear the breeze swooshing through the palm trees, you might then work from your seaside shack (but never forget, a laptop with internet connectivity is your best friend in this job, and there cannot be any compromise in this regard.

Virtual Assistant: Think of yourself as a personal secretary working from home over a computer with an internet connection; you would then be known as a virtual assistant with multi-tasking capabilities, who is good at organizing calendars, receiving phone calls, making appointments amidst a host of other administrative tasks. Computer literacy will be required of course.

Graphic Designer: In this day and age of digital design, graphic designers are in great demand. While a background in art is desirable, it’s not a must-have. A sense of color, a love for fonts, and a general grasp of how design works can get you started with a good company designing and editing a range of marketing collaterals. Advertising agencies and newspapers have regular vacancies for graphic designers so these are the places you should be looking at first.

Online Teaching/Tutoring: Want flexible timings and short half to one-hour lessons? You could be sharing your knowledge to help another student with additional support for a subject in which he or she is particularly weak. Apart from material rewards, there are other non-tangible rewards such as the joy and satisfaction derived from empowering someone else with your knowledge and expertise.

Medical Coding: Other countries have begun to outsource medical coding and medical billing jobs to India. As a medical coder, you will be expected to translate medical transcripts into the correct codes for corresponding procedures and diagnoses. You will need certification and previous experience.

Virtual Travel Agent: If the thought of going to the highest mountain or the bluest sea gets you all happy and excited, you might consider a job that requires you to research travel destinations, plan travel itineraries, book airline tickets, finding out which hotel or resort would suit your client’s budget best. Most travel agents earn commissions from multiple sources so as far as your earnings are concerned the sky is the limit.

Online Writer/Editor: If you have always loved writing and are able and willing to crack an online writing or editing test - olla! - you can be on your way to becoming a writer or editor, writing or editing online content for different organizations. While some companies will hire interns, others may require prior experience or a degree in a particular subject, but if words are what comes spontaneously to you, what you earn will be directly proportional to the number of words you’ve written - that’s right, word count. But that’s only to be expected when you’re planning to be a writer - isn’t it?

Whatever your chosen field of work may be, part-time jobs covering part-time hours, are a good way to start earning early in your career. To get ahead in some of these careers, it may be wise to get certified in a particular course that can help you stay ahead of other applicants.

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