Knowledge is power - Leverage your knowledge to teach online

If you have a love of learning, a love of learners, and the love of bringing these two loves together, virtual teaching might be your most loved job.

The name gives it away. You’re teaching, but it’s all virtual, remote, and over an internet connection. And it brings home a decent amount of money at the end of the month. With the Pandemic refusing to go away anytime soon, the future of virtual teaching may be quite secure as of now, with the demand for online teachers and tutors rising by the day. After all, students cannot attend school and require additional support for the subjects they are studying.

The good news is you do not need a university degree or diploma to get started. All you need is your personal computer, an affinity for imparting knowledge in a subject you love, and a fast and secure internet connection.

How and where will you start?

Well, how you begin teaching will involve taking a conscious decision to choose to help someone in need. Once you’ve decided to become an online tutor, you’ll find to your surprise and pleasure, that your students have new things to teach you as well. In fact, teaching is where you empower to get empowered. It is a two-way process of giving and taking, which is enjoyable and fun. Your start also depends on you; you could sign up on an online teaching portal, and students will keep coming to you. You can indicate your preferences on the portal itself regarding the age and class of students you would like to teach.

Online teaching jobs from home, such as virtual teaching, give you the flexibility to work from home. You can set your schedule and leverage your knowledge in a particular subject and earn a passive income while you’re also studying or working part-time. Teaching portals will often need you to clear written assignments or tests to prove your foundation and expertise in your chosen subject. Payment can be hourly or monthly, depending on the teaching platform you’ve chosen.

And where you have a will, you will find your way - to earn even more by teaching students beyond borders. International online teaching jobs from home pay higher, and if you can put in more hours, the earning potential will rise proportionately to the time you give to your job.

To increase your credibility and demand in the virtual teaching market, you can choose to take one of the many online teaching courses that are now available to teachers via distance learning programmes. These accredited online teaching courses offered by reputed universities worldwide will go a long way in giving you a competitive edge over other online teachers.

As an online teacher, you need to be a patient communicator who has mastered the art of listening and the art of clear and effective communication. At AskSarathi, we have the Learn To Earn course with intelligently structured modules on effective communication that take into account your existing communication level, build on it to make you job-ready and presentable for taking up online teaching jobs from home. Moreover, the Learn To Earn programme gives you the option to earn back what you have invested. To learn more, call +91-801306975 or email at

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