AskSarathi- The Journey

We set up our base in 2018. To start off, we specialized just to create content. He have had sound experience on this domain to begin with - helping our clients and businesses across the globe to put words to their thoughts – be it by a stellar resume, a good piece of academic writing or a stellar website profile. We created content with “real good connect” – and just not quality wise; - in terms of grabbing attention and building personal brands.

So, what are we up to now? 

We realized soon that creating great content is just one half of our story—our client’s story. The best part is to equip people to take these stories to their customers. So we have broadened our offering to ensure that we groom a young generation that will leverage their skillsets to make a difference.

We had emerged as a full-fledged content writing and training agency with a staunch belief in ourselves, our client requirements and creating our own version of content marketing to drive growth for our clients.

As a strong founder-led company, we are fast and nimble, personable, accountable, and dynamic – determined to deliver for our domestic and global clients. Our team is strong with a few great trainers and writers along with data analysts, crazy artists and free-thinking marketeers.

We are Ask Sarathi. There are no advertising and no VCs. Just a few creative minds and a lot of hard work and passion for what we do.