10 best online courses for upskilling

The word ‘skill’ traces its origin back to the old Norse word ‘skil’, which means ‘knowledge’. Therefore, Skill is the knowledge or expertise that an individual has or acquires in a particular subject or field. If you have a specific skill, you automatically stay ahead of others in that your chances of landing a job by showcasing your unique skills are 99.5% secure. With new inventions being made in science and technology, the world economy has become more interconnected today, and that has opened up new opportunities for those who are willing to take it.

Take, for instance, the case of Rimli. She was the kind of girl, who liked feeling the wind in her hair. She dreamt of traveling the world, camping out high up on the Andes or watching the pelicans take a flight somewhere over the deep blue waters of an eastern shore. You could safely say she was a small-town girl with big dreams and a burning desire to fly.

With not much to go by, in terms of backup support and resources, she fell back on her skill of handling numbers. Maths was a subject she excelled at and one that piqued her interest. Thinking hard, she finally took a decision that changed her life; she enrolled for a course in Digital Literacy completing it in three months. Soon, she was working as an intern for a big retail chain in India. One year down the line, she earned her first promotion for her exceptionally good work, and six months later, she went on her first trekking trip to Sandakphu. From what we hear, apart from her regular job, she is now, also freelancing on the side, earning six figures and going places like she always wanted to. As we said, a skill well-honed through training and mentoring can help you change your life. So, if you have a skill, make sure, you upskill.

A win-win - upskilling along the way

What is upskilling?

In short, Upskilling is basically adding a new skill to your existing skillset.

And need we stress the importance and need for upskilling? When you add a new skill to your CV you naturally add a new feather to your cap.

Previously, it may have been time-consuming and hectic to go all the way to a training institute to learn a skill or pursue a course but now with access to a personal computer and the Internet, online learning has become an easy way for students, homemakers, and professionals alike to upskill and prepare themselves for a job or for their own business.

Be in demand - embrace online learning

As of 2019, the following skills are in great demand and pursuing an online course that would develop these skills would go a long way in launching your career:

Creative Writing/Copywriting/Content Writing: From the epics to folklore and legends, humans love a good story. The power of storytelling is now harnessed by brands all over the world. Journali