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Hi, I'm Dr. Sumana.

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Content Writing

Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


We're a lean team with a culture we prize - people with a deep abiding love for words and everything quirky will fit in well.

As a strong founder-led company, we are fast and nimble, personable, accountable, and dynamic – determined to deliver for our domestic and global clients.

Our team is strong with a few great trainers and writers along with data analysts, crazy artists, and free-thinking marketeers.

Meet the Team


Anup Sharma

Business Strategist/ CTO

Observer, Analyst, Counsellor, Developer, and Strategist.

With combined forces of MBA, BTech, Psychology & 6+ years of extensive IT Experience, exploring opportunities to use adaptive, intelligent technology to disrupt Suburban Education industry with innovative products and services.


Dr. Sumana Chakraborty

Founder & CEO/ Coach

Doctor, Researcher, Global Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, and Social Reformer.

Embraced her multidisciplinary knowledge for achieving full self-potential to serve society.

She envisions opportunities before others and is always up for challenges.


Suranjana Das

Content Head/ QA Director

Engineer, Consultant, Editor, Freelancer, Mentor, and profound Auditor.

Level 2 seller on Fiverr. Being a liaison between Tech and Literature, she aspires to break the barrier in conventional education disciplines - firmly believing that individuality should not be lost in the mayhem of mindless rat-race.


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What People Say:

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Jewel Basumallick

Founder of  Scribebyte

"Pro at turning vague information into useful content that can connect to her target audience. She is also talented at developing content for internal training manuals for sales and marketing personnel, something that has helped me quite a lot."


Bidisha Bhattacharyya

Clinical Psychologist, Project Officer at Bangur Institute of Neuroscience

"Never missed a scheduled business meeting and would deliver all work ahead of schedule. We have disagreed sometimes while working on my academic projects, but she has an uncanny ability to see the complete picture with each change. Her unfazed reviews have honestly made our association a pleasure."

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